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Northlight Electric, electrician, electrical, maine, poland

Northlight Electric is a high end electrical contractor based in Maine.

Quality should never be compromised. Great work inspires - whether it's custom lighting, industrial and commercial installations, or cutting edge  renewable energy initiatives - we aim for precision. Rigorous safety standards, high-caliber electricians, and a trustworthy and approachable team are just some of the ways that we ensure greatness in every detail. Quality is our passion, it’s what drove us to form as a company,

and it’s what keeps motivating us day in and day out.

Northlight Electric, electrician, electricial, maine, poland

Northlight Electric was formed by Nick Rinchich, a Master Electrician with over 20 years of experience and four years of technical schooling. Nick has an extensive background in industrial and commercial  wiring, including both new construction and service work, with specific expertise in LED lighting upgrades, standby generators, bottling facilities, municipal water treatment, industrial three phase wiring, and smart home integration,. Nick oversees a highly skilled team of electricians ready to tackle your next project. 

Northlight Electric, electrician, electricial, maine, poland

Northlight Electric strives to stay current with industry leading products and services  to offer our clients innovative electrical installations. We're prepared to undertake projects of any size; ranging from small scale commercial service to large scale industrial service, installation, or troubleshooting.


As a licensed Generac Dealer, Northlight Electric can assist you with choosing the right generator, then order and install complete generator packages for your facility or business.

Northlight Electric, electrician, electricial, maine, poland

As a Qualified Partner and Registered Vendor with Efficiency Maine, Northlight Electric aims to create cost-effective options for our clients. We can help navigate the process of choosing sustainable lighting, heating, cooling, and VFD motor control equipment and material and assist with accessing the many incentives available to consumers.

Efficency Maine, Qualified partners, Northlight Electric, electrician, electricial, maine, poland

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